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$3.00 an hour or $25.00 a day

Pet Daycare is provided for you while you are at work or away from your pets for the day. Your pet can stay at our facility during the day and be provided with both indoor and outdoor environments. Our facility sits on an acre of land to allow for natural, free, and healthy roaming for you pet. Our daycare is developed with your pet in mind. We allow your pet to range freely in our environments and provide the attention that all dogs deserve and require.

Your dog(s) will be able to play and interact with other dogs and exhaust their energy while you are at work. All play times are supervised and the same size dogs play with each other unless authorized by the owner that their dogs are okay with any size dogs.

The benefit of Doggie Daycare is coming home to a dog that is ready to rest with you from a long day at work. The exercises and social interactions are also very important to a healthy dog’s physical and mental well-being.

We are proud to announce that we have a 3rd outdoor play yard.

Evaluated for fleas, hot spots or any other medical conditions that your pet(s) might have. If fleas or ticks are found you will be charged flea bath or capstar.