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Here at Cano’s Bulldogs I take pride in producing LARGE, healthy working size bulldogs. My bulldogs are very flashy, muscular and well tempered. We all know that every dog is not pick of the litter, however, but I will find the right dog that is a good fit for you and your family. Weather it is working, confirmation or pet quality Cano’s Bulldogs has a perfect bulldog for you. I am between the DFW and Fort Worthmetroplex. I offer a variety of look from bully to standard all being pure breed registered dogs. Either with NKC, AKC,ABRA or IOEBA. I am located in North Fort Worth, Texas. I breed English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs. I enjoy raising, breeding, and showing American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, And Old English Bulldogs. My bulldogs are raised with the family and have lots of interaction with other dogs and people. If you are interested in purchasing a bulldog puppy or have a general question please contact me on my CONTACT ME page.  I would love to hear from you and help in any way that I can.

My goal is for the Love and Care of Dogs!!! They require time and attention just as children do.